Terms and Conditions


Welcome to The Art World! By signing up with us an Artist, you hereby agree to the following terms: You as an Artist wish to display and sell their artworks on TheArtW portal & authorize them to represent him/her in the marketing of certain rights prescribed herein under,

Role of The Art W

  • To sell the arts listed by the artist for sale on the portal
  • To digitally authorize artworks
  • To keep track of each artwork sold
  • To upload paintings on portal www.Theartw.com
  • To update the status of sold paintings
  • To ensure prompt response in case of offers from clients to buy the artworks
  • Indication to do commissioned work


Artist agrees to pay a commission of 20% on all the paintings, which are being sold on the portal and/or to the clients introduced to artist from www.TheArtW team.


This agreement is effective upon the registration date and shall remain in full force and effect until written notice from the artist to remove themselves from the portal. This agreement may be terminated, without cause, by either party upon three months written notice, which notice shall be delivered by hand or by certified mail to the address listed above.

General Provisions:

Adherence to Laws & Regulation

The provision of this agreement shall always be subject to government notification and other rules, regulations and bye-laws that may be in force from time to time.

Settlement of dispute

If any dispute of difference of any kind whatsoever may arise between the Parties in connection with or arising out of this MoU, both parties shall for a period of 30 days after receipt of notice by the other Party of the existence of a dispute attempt to settle such dispute in the first instance by mutual discussions between them. All disputes are subject to Indore (Madhya Pradesh ) jurisdictions only.