About Us

Our History In Brief.

Hello. An artist needs only two things in return for his work – Appreciation of the effort and fair price of his artwork. Currently, an artist needs to create his artwork and then keep on moving to various cities in order to sell the artwork. This is a very inefficient method, as it consumes up an Artist’s time, energy and resources. Moreover, it’s very tough for an artist to find a suitable place to sell their artwork and it can take a lifetime to showcase their art to the right audience.

On the other hand, many collectors and art enthusiasts want to buy artwork, but they have limited exposure to the paintings and are also afraid of the authenticity of the artwork, as fake paintings are rampant in the industry.

We are using the world’s most secure technology, blockchain to register an artwork and full history is maintained on our system, which can be accessed by anyone, anytime. It also generates additional revenue streams for the artists, by the way of royalty payments, every time the painting changes hands.

Our parent company, Quest Global Technologies Ltd, is amongst the world’s best companies, working on blockchain and mobility solutions, has provided their services to billion-dollar organizations. Having technical expertise and a global reach, with offices in USA, Europe, Canada, and India they want to take Indian ART global by using state of the art and blockchain technology.